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Ensign Industry lays emphasis on product upgrading and equipment level improving. By taking new process, new techniques and new equipments as the leading and it has eliminated the old process, techniques and equipments, optimizing the level of citric acid and alcohol production equipments continuously. By taking these measures, the company’s Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction has become the industry leader for now.

Depending on technological innovation and uses for reference of domestic and foreign high-tech technologies, combining with the actual situation of production and operation, taking advantage of technology research development and innovation of science and technology, Ensign industry innovated and used new techniques and process, such as thick mash fermentation, Liquid chromatography, calcium hydrogen extraction, multiple condensation and Steam tractor fan etc. Energy consumption indexes decreases significantly and energy saving effect is obvious. The company was awarded the Energy Saving Advanced Enterprise of Weifang and Enterprise of Outstanding Contribution to Energy Saving and other honors.

Energy-saving technological transformation projects also brought about emission reduction. By strategies of reusing three wastes, environmental governance and comprehensive utilization of resources, Ensign reduced three-waste discharge and realized trash to treasure and cyclic development.


In wastewater treatment, Ensign transformed facilities comprehensively and thoroughly, and eliminated the old equipments, rebuilds a set of the most advanced, powerful, safe and reliable facilities.

In Exhaust gas, it was done by adding limestone into boiler to desulfurization in the past. Although this process was effective at certain degree, it could not discharge steadily in a long term. As respond to the request of superior environmental protection authority, the company built the double alkali method external desulfurization facilities, which has been finished and is for debugging now.


Cleaner production is new environmental protection strategy, which changed from the simple terminal management to pollution prevention and the whole production process control. Starting from overall optimization of ecological and economic systems, with the help of the related theories and technologies, taking strategic, comprehensive, preventive measures on every step of the whole life cycle of products, combining the production technology, process, operation and management, products and together with logistics, energy, information and other factors reasonably, and optimizing operation method, cleaner production achieves the minimal environmental impact, the least resources energy utilization, the best management model, the optimal economic growth level, and realize the sustainable development of economy finally.


Over the years, Weifang Ensign Industry Co., Ltd, not only deepened reforms on strengthening management and grasping production management strictly, but also seriously abides by the relevant national laws and regulations, and insists the principle of coordinated development of economic construction and environmental protection, and deeply implements the Promotion Law on Cleaner Production, Through cleaner production audit to find the shortcomings and deficiencies in the enterprise’s production and management, reducing the emission of pollutants from the source, then achieving the energy saving, consumption reducing, pollution decreasing and benefit increasing, and improving the competitiveness of enterprise.
Since the implementary of cleaner production audit, the company proposed many cleaner production programs. And the company fully carried out the programs with no expense, low expense, medium expense and high expense by auditing and improving side by side, then achieved win-win of economic and environmental benefits. For now the program was recognized by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Shandong Province and Weifang Economic and Information Technology Committee. And the company was awarded Class A certificate for the cleaner production audit performance issued by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Shandong Province, and got “Excellent” level during the cleaner production audit organized by Weifang Economic and Information Technology Committee.